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SAVVY FUNK - - - - - - - - - - - > SCHEDULE 17 Jun - 8 Jul 2017 daily 10pm till midnight
RADIO: 103.0 MHz FM Berlin online - - - - - - - - - - - participate #sonicwilderness #Berlin 22 Jun 6-8pm Reichstagswiese
#DISembTEChyb Every Time a Ear de Sound #documenta14

AGF will present a blend of audio around following topics:
ancient voice practices, sonic wilderness, hybrid ecology,
music and sound out of war zones, voice and gender, voice and protest,
amplification of resistance, noise experimentations,
critical club, rap and underground pop music, non-human sound worlds, hidden voices off-the-west,
animal voices, mycelium and the sound of matter, sound of electricity, sound and privilege and more.
There will be talk, thoughts, poems and guests, perhaps some collective screaming and chanting

#DISembTEChyb ancient voice pattern

blend of audio

#DISembTEChyb non-human sound worlds
amplification of resistance
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